Demystifying Hybrid Publishing

When it comes to a decision as important as how you’re going to publish your book, you really want to make a good choice for yourself. The power is in knowing your options. hybrid publishing

I mean, I’m the person that gets bummed out when the person sitting next to me orders something that looks more delicious! Wouldn’t it be great if we always got to look under the hood of all the decisions we’re making? Our bellies, hearts and weary minds would certainly be happier.

I don’t want you to get FOMO, or choose your route of publishing based on what other people are doing, I want you to make a sound choice for what works for YOU and your business, and honors what you really want out of the process.

This season on Bound + Determined, I wanted to take you even deeper into what’s available to you as an aspiring author. Throughout our debut season, I got TONS of questions and requests to dive deeper into Hybrid publishing.

Ask and you shall receive! (See! It pays to DM me, write reviews, and email in feedback!)

This week on Bound + Determined, I chat with Jesse Finkelstein, long-time publishing veteran, and  co-founder & principal at Page Two, an innovative publishing company that helps experts publish game-changing books.


On this episode, we discuss:

  • What hybrid publishing is
  • How this model is different from Traditional and Self- Publishing
  • What to do if you’re interested in this route
  • The timeline of hybrid publishing
  • How the financials work in this model
  • Why Jesse knew a new model of publishing was needed
  • Why choosing your route of publishing is so personal


Jesse Finkelstein is co-founder and principal at Page Two, an innovative publishing company that helps experts publish game-changing books. She also serves on the board of Creative BC, an organization devoted to supporting the growth of cultural industries. Jesse and Richelle have an educational conversation about understanding the world of hybrid publishing.


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