Get out of your own way

Sometimes our emotions around writing can be obvious—outright fear, vulnerability, comparison—but sometimes they are so deep, we don’t even recognize them.  Enter: Self-sabotage! Yep, that sneaky guy.

how to get unstuckDo you catch yourself self-sabotaging? I know it can be a hard thing to identify in ourselves, but I find it comes up a lot with my clients as they navigate the book process. We make excuses, we only see the hardship, we look at the mountain in front of us, and we back the eff out.

I’ve certainly done it to myself in areas of my business. I don’t think anyone is immune. This week on the podcast we talk with Terri Cole, licensed psychotherapist and author of the new book Boundary Boss, about the importance of setting boundaries–both internally and externally–so YOU can write your book. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Terri shares her journey of ending her self-sabotage so she could share her wisdom with the world–and we talk about how you can, too.


Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • How to serve your community with a book
  • How boundaries play into your writing
  • Ditching the people-pleaser instinct
  • Vulnerability as a writer
  • Getting out of your own way

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and leading expert in female empowerment, meditation, relationships, and wellbeing. Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well-known personalities from international pop stars to Fortune 500 CEOs. She empowers women through her courses, Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp, and hosts the podcast, The Terri Cole Show. She just published her first book,  Boundary Boss. Terri shares her journey of ending her self-sabotage so she could share her work with the world.


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