When you feel resistance or self-doubt in the book process, I encourage you to look at the proof all around you. The proof that it can be done.

The proof is in the thousands of books that line the shelves of your favorite booksellers, or the titles that fill your audiobook account. YOU can do this, just as they did.

And in that proof, comes incredible wisdom–and my mission for this week’s episode of Bound + Determined is to share the brilliant nuggets accomplished authors have shared with me over the years.


In this episode, we hear from a few of my former clients about what they wished they’d known when they started the book process, AND what they really want you to know and embrace.

You’ll hear support from:

  • Jennifer Racioppi
  • Chrissy King
  • Terri Cole
  • Heather Chauvin
  • Tara Stiles
  • Kyle Gray

Whether it was their first book or their 9th–you’ll hear what they now understand— so you can learn from the best and accomplish your book goals.

Happy Listening!



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