Have you ever reached a point where you thought to yourself: “Can I just hit the reset button on life?”

Maybe you are holding a dream deep in your heart but you don’t feel like you’ll ever reach it. 

Or maybe, living a joyful and expansive life was never modeled for you growing up?

If you’ve ever longed for a do-over, this week’s Bound + Determined podcast episode is for you!

I’m sitting down with Sabrina Soto, an interior designer, television personality, and author known for her expertise in home decor and design. She has gained prominence through her appearances on various television shows, including HGTV’s “The High Low Project,” “Get It Sold,” and “Trading Spaces.” She’s also the host of the top 10 podcast, Redesigning Life.

And while you may not be in the market for home design, the “home” we’re talking about in this episode is YOU.

Sabrina is working on her 2nd book, and this one is aimed at teaching women a spirit-thriving blueprint to build a life they deserve–sometimes, from the ground up.

We chat about:

  • The power of speaking your goals out loud
  • Training for the marathon of your dreams (and keeping the faith along the way)
  • Staying invested and full-hearted amidst book challenges
  • The confusion that sits between “self care” and “doing it all” 
  • Putting in the prep work to really change your life

While you may look at celebrities on TV and think they’ve “got it made”–this inside peek will show you how Sabrina landed her first gig, despite a turbulent past–and how she uses those past experiences and lessons to create her life today. 

I hope you’ll tune in!


Xx, Richelle



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