how to get your book published

Timing is important in many facets of life — comedy, dance, sports, music, cooking–and books are no different. But when it comes to understanding the timing of when to write your book, I find that addressing the publishing timeline as a whole is really valuable. how to write a book and get it published

You’ve heard me say it before–there’s no ONE right way to publish. It’s a highly personal decision that needs to take into account your goals, your personal bandwidth, your business and more.

So, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest mysteries within publishing is how long each phase of the process actually takes.

This week I’m coming to you with a solo episode of Bound + Determined, where I break down the average timeline from idea conception to bookstore shelves. My hope is that with this clarity, you can make strong decisions for yourself and help manage any expectations you have.


I’ll walk you through the following timelines:

  • Prep + Development
  • Agents
  • Publisher Meetings
  • The Deal
  • Manuscript
  • Editorial
  • Design
  • PR + Marketing
  • Launch

So, if you’re looking to gain more clarity so you can choose your route of publishing, or just take a big ol’ deep breath and settle in for the ride–I encourage you to check out episode 30!

Understanding the timing of the publishing process is important because it’s one of the key factors that may help you decide which route of publishing you’ll choose. In this special episode of Bound and Determined, Richelle helps to break down the various factors that come to play during the book proposal process and their placement during the road to publishing your book. Get ready, because Richelle is sharing some of the essential tips that she usually only shares with her clients.



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