Do you ever feel like part of adulthood is just taking baby steps back to yourself?

We live in a world that loves to tell us what we SHOULD do. Who we SHOULD be.

And it starts young.

External pressure begins to quiet the voice of our own knowing—of our own truth. I could recount endless statistics that my clients have found over the years to prove this point—because we see it mount into some really serious problems if not addressed. From sense of worth and confidence, to our mental health, to opportunities not taken…there’s so much at stake in a world of SHOULDS.


This week on Bound + Determined, I’m sitting down with Tricia Huffman, podcast host, speaker, Manager of Integrity to Grammy Award-winning artists, and founder of Your Joyologist. Tricia has just launched her book F the Shoulds, Do the Wants, and if you’ve ever felt that your life was dictated by external pressure–this episode is for you.

In this conversation Tricia opens up about how pressure to belong led her to recognize her own misery and disconnection in her teens, and how she ultimately came to find joy, and reframe her life to prioritize her desires. Through a simple in-the-moment action, she teaches us how we, too, can focus inward.

And, as we always do on the podcast, I chat with Tricia about the ups and downs of writing and publishing a book in today’s market.You don’t want to miss it!


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