If you’re reading this, you’ve experienced loss. 

Nobody is immune.  

And loss isn’t just death.

It’s life transitions, loss of friendships, new jobs–and yes, even shattered expectations.

So why is it that grief is still a topic of conversation we’re uncomfortable with? Why aren’t we learning tools for grieving that we can arm ourselves with for all the ups and downs of life?

I’ve seen people grieve in the book process. 

I’m thinking back to Bound + Determined season 1 episode 1 with Jennifer Racioppi. So much of her publishing process was allowing herself to grieve over the fact that things didn’t happen the way she imagined. She was experiencing personal loss while also launching a book at the height of the pandemic. 

All that work–years of work–only to result in shattered expectations. 

I’ve seen people grieve over not landing the agent they hoped for. A deep sense of loss when they’d been picturing a relationship with them. 

It’s subtle. 

Grief isn’t always fall-on-the-floor-sobbing.

This week on Bound + Determined, we’re talking with THE expert on grief, Gina Moffa LCSW, a psychotherapist for over 18 years. She’s traveled the world helping those who are grieving, including working with holocaust survivors.


We discuss:

  • Types of loss
  • Gina’s tools for navigating grief
  • Permission to grieve YOUR way (including laughing)
  • Gina’s book process from beginning to deal!

This episode is salve for the soul if you’re dealing with any type of loss–but we also take time to celebrate. 

As we recorded this episode, Gina had just finished her publisher meetings for her book Permission to Grieve: A Modern Guide to Empowerment After Loss–and as I write this, I’m SO PROUD to say that Gina got her deal!

She’ll announce ALL the details soon, but for those of you thinking that the dream of a book feels so far away, check out this photo from February 2021. This was my first session with Gina for her book proposal. And yep, these are her notes on a Bounty paper towel. Those notes became a kick-ass proposal and a significant deal with a major publisher. 


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