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Full-circle moments are my favorite.  I’m lucky that in my work I get to experience many of them. I get to support people from their bud of an idea to their bursting excitement at their book’s release.

The books I get to celebrate in this season are ones that began their journey way back in 2020—the typical growth cycle for a traditionally published book.

It’s long-awaited, sure. But the fruits are so damn sweet.

This week on Bound + Determined, I’m sitting down with Lily Womble, author of Thank You, More Please (Legacy Lit, June 2024)—a book I’ve proudly been a part of since a chance meeting with the author pre-pandemic.

Lily joined my Book Proposal Blueprint program, nailed her proposal, got her agent, and is now about to celebrate her big achievement—LAUNCH DAY!

There are many lessons in the process, some of which Lily is sharing transparently in this episode, like:

  • How she reframed social media for herself
  • How she ran a business while writing a book (the bumps and the wins)
  • Coming to terms with her fantasy not meeting her reality
  • What she’s really proud of and the support that made her process easier

You don’t want to miss this raw and honest conversation about the realities of bringing a book to market.

Also, if you’re a member of my Book Proposal Blueprint program, you’ll remember Lily from her proposal, originally titled Date Brazen!, and you’ll hear about the evolution of her book title.

Listen here!


Xx, Richelle

Lily’s Book: Thank You, More Please



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