Whether it’s a therapist, a book coach, admin support or child care–the decision to let someone support you is usually a good one.

Sometimes when people get on the other end of my Zoom they’ve spent months, sometimes years, chipping away at their book process alone.  They feel confused. Isolated. Full of frustration, anxiety and self-doubt.

When they say it takes a village–they mean it. Thought partnership and collaboration can make the process of book writing (and many other ventures) feel validating, energizing and balanced.

This week’s guest on Bound + Determined shares openly about her early days of book overwhelm, and how she navigated bringing in several layers of support to hit the finish line of Pub Day. 

Jessica Baum LMHC is the owner and founder of the Be Self-full® Method and the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach.  She has an undergraduate degree from Fordham University and holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from South University. 

Her first book Anxiously Attached: Become More Secure in Life & Love (Tarcher) launches this week.

Even with all the therapeutic tools at her fingertips, even trained therapists hit emotional roadblocks in the book process. Nobody is immune.


In this episode we discuss:

-All the feels of the book process

-The decision to hire support

-Boundaries required for creativity

-What brought Jessica joy in the book process

-Defining anxious attachment

-Resentment towards platform building

And so much more…

Don’t miss this therapy session/pep talk/real talk episode where we bring full transparency around what to expect as a first-time author.


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