As you absolutely know by now, I love an opportunity to bring you behind the “velvet rope” of publishing to give you a leg-up and an insider’s edge on your book journey.

I’m bursting with excitement because this week’s Bound & Determined episode does NOT disappoint.

I sat down with top publishing editor Hannah Robinson from GCP Balance/Hachette to get the WHOLE scoop that you need to know, NOW.

We chat:

  • What she looks for in proposals that cross her desk
  • The proposal elements that clue her in to a great author
  • The proposal No-No’s and “eeks!” (Though she’s too kind to call them that)
  • Her view on platform and what to be working on
  • How authors can be preparing for Publisher meetings 


Don’t miss this episode! It’s a rare chance to hear from someone who is so good at what she does—and she’s spilling all her secrets! 

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Xx, Richelle



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