You might think that inspiration is something to consume–to absorb before taking a step.

But according to this week’s podcast guest, inspiration is a byproduct of taking action.

I couldn’t agree more!

Taking the first step is like opening the valve for inspiration. The first words on a page can unlock the flow you’ve been waiting for. It can bring the ideas you’ve been hoping would “hit you”.

But for so many folks I talk to, they spend a long time in the dream phase.

It’s safe there.


Nobody is to blame for that…

But our creative pursuits aren’t reality until the first word hits the page. The first stroke on the canvas. When we tell people what we can do for them in our business.

This week on Bound + Determined, I’m talking about all things systems, creativity and success with Upasna Gautam, a Product Manager on the Digital News Platforms & Services team at CNN. She works with CNN’s engineers, designers, editors, and journalists to develop and optimize the content management technology that delivers breaking news to the world.

And you know what’s great for books? A bit of structure, a bit of systems, and a lot of writing.


We chat about:

  • How the work she does enables Journalists to be their best
  • How structure makes way for her creativity
  • How systematic (not rigid!) thinking creates freedom
  • What she learned during the book proposal process
  • How daily writing unlocked confidence and opportunity

And so much more…

Listen in to hear her advice for overwhelmed creatives and hear how taking steps to show up more authentically and fully led to HUGE opportunity.

You won’t want to miss this one!


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