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My New Favorite Four-Letter Word: HELP

I have a disease. It’s called Conscious Overload disease. I think I can do it all! And not only that, I think I can do it all by myself!  I roll around in the glory of the struggle—because busy and worn down = important, & successful, RIGHT?!



We live in a busy culture—we glorify it to unhealthy measure! I think if we took a close look at the business blueprint laid out before us – especially as women–we’d see that we were told to work hard…to bust our buns in order to reach great success. And we must not ask for help—that implies weakness.

I’m lucky to have incredibly grounded and insightful friends who remind me REGULARLY that asking for help is not weakness—it’s necessary—to growing our businesses, and to grow as humans. And you know what? They’re right.


You can’t do it all

and the truth is that we’re so much stronger together anyway!


Getting the opinions and feedback from my community makes me so much better at what I do.  If you’re not asking for help or asking for feedback from friends and colleagues—I encourage you to do so.  And when you need help—ASK!

I recently brought on some help for my business—and I told my friend it felt like the ultimate luxury—especially in the first few months of a growing company.  But the honest truth was that I didn’t have the ability to stay on top of certain parts of my business because I was spending most of my time coaching—do the actual work people were paying me to do—the part I do BEST.  So I hired resources for the pieces that didn’t necessarily need ME. Even just a few hours a month.

This was a revelation.


This isn’t a luxury—again—it was a necessity for my growth.

So I’m giving you the same gentle (OK, they weren’t gentle) nudges that were given to me so that YOU can find out where you may need help. Decide who can make you STRONGER with their guidance.


You’ve got this!

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