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Pivoting Our Launches in a Time of Uncertainty

Our world is upside down. We’re navigating social distancing, doing our best to stay healthy, home-schooling, combating worry and uncertainty as to when life will be normal again.

And as tough as it is to have to think about work in this time, I know so many people are having to re-evaluate business plans. I’ve been on the phone this week with several of my Purposeful Platforms clients offering support to those who have a book launch on the horizon. We’ve had some great conversations around how to show up amidst uncertainty.


I wanted to share some of what we discussed with all of you—in hopes it helps you, too. But what I want you to know more than anything—is that trusting your intuition during this time is the most important tool you have. If you don’t feel like doing a thing—that’s OK too.

But maybe this will help relieve any tension and stress you may be feeling in your current business.

Where Can You Go Grassroots?

What if you stuck to my 2020 trend report and tapped into community—the good ol’ fashioned way? I have a client that does a lot of his book sales through quiz funnels, free courses and webinars—but in the current climate, he wanted to launch differently. He personally emailed about 100 of his closest colleagues, supporters and friends, as well as put a call to action on his Facebook page about starting a beta reader group. Via free digital early access to his book, he’s garnering reviews and feedback that he’ll use as road-tested material for other phases of his launch—perhaps when the world feels a little more steady. Now is a great time to reach out and see what you can do with your most organic relationships.

How Can You Show Up in Service?

I’m working with someone who has done years of research on natural healing modalities. In service of her book and a pivot in her launch, she’s providing an entire chapter to people for free—because it has information that will help people in the age of Coronavirus. I can’t think of a better way to help people and get them jazzed about your book than to offer them something they absolutely need right now, can navigate at their own pace, and put into practice. It’s a beautiful offering. Launching a course? What module can you release for free as an opportunity to help others? Hosting a now-online event? What can you include at the kick-off that will create community—maybe a group chat, add a Facebook group, etc?

How Can You Team Up?

Pivots are a lot less painful when you do it with support. How can you connect with other authors, educators and business owners to support each other? Can you team up for a webinar or Instagram/Facebook Live pooling together both of your audiences? I’ve seen a number of people do this to great success in the past week! Teamwork!

It’s my feeling that what people need more than anything right now (more than a shower and a clean pair of sweatpants) is connection and stability. If you can figure out a way to offer that as part of your restructured launch—I have no doubt you’ll have a great response.

I’m here for any questions you may have about the publishing space in this current landscape. Feel free to reply to this email of DM me on Instagram or Facebook.


Hoping you’re all staying healthy,



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