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Where’s That Voice Coming From?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “the voice”. Not the reality show with Adam Levine–but that voice in our head that we all have…ego, doubt, judgement…you know the one.

The voice that pops up to say “who are YOU to be doing this?” The voice that’s hard to differentiate whether it’s coming from your own fear, our an impression someone has left on you.

I was having lunch with a girlfriend recently and had expressed some hesitation about a detail of a business project I’m working on.


She asked me if my hesitation came from an impression left on me by someone else’s judgment, or from my own fear.


I had to think about it. The answer didn’t come quickly.

Ultimately, it was a little bit of both. We dug deeper and ended up having a moving conversation about WORTH.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, you will be met with struggles of self-worth. It’s natural and it happens to everyone. And what I hope for all of you, is that you have a pal to spiritually slap you upside the head and remind you of your greatness.

Owning who you are and what you’re on this earth to do is a PROCESS. We’re met with thoughts and people that challenge us repeatedly. But we have to take the opportunities that scare us. We have to dream as big as we can.  And most importantly—we have to remember

we’re kick-ass human beings capable of incredible things.



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