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Richelle Fredson

6 Secrets Successful Published Authors Know

(That You Should, too)


Richelle Fredson

Deep Down You Know You Have a Book in You But …

Whether you’re at the beginning of your author journey or taking a stab at a new book idea, you likely have a vision of how it will all unfold.

And as much as you want to share your stories and knowledge with the world, you’re confused about the whole process, and you can’t shake the self-doubt and questions about whether you really have a book in you.

There are a few well-guarded secrets that can make all the difference in whether you succeed as an author.

There Are So Many Unknowns About Writing A Book

When you join me for free training, I’ll share the secrets successful published authors know and the action plan they’ve used to say goodbye to procrastination, self-doubt and overwhelm and hello to five and six-figure publishing deals.

Here’s what you’ll gain from watching the free training, 6 Secrets Successful Published Authors Know (That You Should, too):

  • Stop spinning your wheels and take deliberate action: Get honest, straightforward advice on how to make real progress on your book. No more wanting but waiting!
  • Start strategizing your most impactful book: find out the most important part of attracting the right agent and publisher (and creating a GREAT book)
  • Know your next steps: Stop feeling lost and get a roadmap to guide you on your journey to becoming a published author. Say hello to clarity and a path forward!
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Richelle Fredson sitting on the counter. Learn 6 secrets published authors know (that you should, too) in this free training.
Richelle Fredson sitting on the counter. Learn 6 secrets published authors know (that you should, too) in this free training.

When It Comes To Your Book … How Close Are You?

Many aspiring authors I meet tell me they fear their big book dreams will never come true.

"Richelle, I’ve thought about this so much. I have a hundred Google Docs, Post-its, and iPhone notes with ideas, and I just can’t make it happen."

If you can relate, congrats! You are like most other authors out there!

And I can help you through it.

As a 20+ year publishing veteran (former Director of PR + Marketing for Hay House, and serving in Acquisitions) and now a book coach to authors who’ve successfully written and sold books-- like Farnoosh Torabi, Chrissy King, Vanessa + Xander Marin, Jannese Torres and more-- I can tell you that it all starts with learning the straightforward, no-BS facts and secrets (aka little-known insights) about the book business and what it really takes to write a book.

So no matter how lost, overwhelmed or stuck you may feel, believe me, it’s possible, and I’ll help you get clarity in this training, 6 Secrets Successful Published Authors Know (That You Should, too).

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Hear from Authors & Writers I’ve Advised

Richelle’s advice and feedback is spot on. She knows the publishing world inside out and from all angles. Working with her, I felt like I had the ultimate advantage: someone who gave me all the secrets to the literary world and how to shape my proposal in way that would generate lots of interest—but also still remain true to my mission as a writer. In a few months, Richelle coached me to a multi six-figure book deal with one of the largest publishers in the world. - Farnoosh Torabi, Financial Expert, Host of the So Money Podcast & Author of the Upcoming Book A Healthy State of Panic

I had been trying to sell a book for five years. Working with Richelle made it happen in six months. - Jen Winston, Author of Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much

Richelle helped me see the bigger potential for my book idea, the ability to leverage my platform, and really believe it's possible to find the right publisher for my work. She was there all along the way to answer all the little questions that kept holding me back and creating self-doubt. - Laura Brandenburg, Founder and CEO of Bridging the Gap

Richelle helped me move beyond my beliefs and doubts to tap into the true story I was meant to tell, beneath the one that felt safe. She's also extremely responsive and always willing to help problem-solve to bring your ideas to life in print.– Marisa Hohaia, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

best selling book covers

Say Goodbye to Overwhelm and Hello to Clarity 

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