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For almost 20 years, Richelle Fredson—dubbed the “six-figure book coach”—has worn many hats within the book publishing industry and serves as a publishing guide, guest teacher, and marketing strategist for countless bestselling authors.

Now she works with aspiring authors to develop competitive book concepts, marketable book proposals and thriving online communities.

Each week on Bound + Determined she’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be an author today. We’re going in between the covers with authors, industry experts, and thought leaders to discuss how to both anchor your expertise AND amplify your story so you can share it with the world.

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Navigating Grief During the Holidays
Gina Moffa, LCSW

In this episode we’re talking about :

• The ways holidays trigger deep emotion and loss
• Creating a plan for social/family situations
• Learning agency in your grief
• How to pre-plan responses for uncomfortable situations

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3 Reasons to Show Up Fully in Your Writing (aka Going to the Scary Places)
Richelle Fredson

In this episode Richelle discusses:

• 3 Reasons to Show Up Fully in Your Writing (aka Going to the Scary Places)

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Lessons Learned Through Publishing 4 Books
Ana Homayoun

In this episode Ana discusses

• Her biggest lesson as she hands in her manuscript for her latest book
• How she’s changed her writing and process over the years
• Her secret for scheduling her writing time.
• And so much more

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Spooky Edition: Book Publishing Costs to Prepare For
Richelle Fredson

In this episode, I’m breaking down the primary investments and what you can expect to pay, including:

• Book coaching
• Manuscript editorial support
• Costs of self and hybrid publishing
• PR, social media and marketing support

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F the Shoulds, Do the Wants
Tricia Huffman

In this episode we cover:

• The ups and downs of writing and publishing a book in today’s market

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Finding Passion in Tragedy
Amber Mundinger and Tamara Deike

In this episode we cover:

• How they took on the project Bring Music Home in isolation
• Working in partnership with various artists to self-publish
• How they were able to give back to venue employees and owners in the music industry

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